Why do you ask for a method?
All methods are simply gimmicks for strengthening your ego.


There is no one methodology because each student is unique! If anything, my teaching is based on the Trivium, the classical teaching that true education was based on before the late 19th century. It still exists but, normally, only for the wealthy and the elite because those in control need to be critical thinkers and leaders, not followers. At the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century, the Prussian educational system was introduced gradually throughout the world for those below the upper echelon of society in order to instill obedience and uniformity.
As part of the educational instruction curriculum for young people and young adults, students were and continue to be trained, not educated, to assimilate into a world that has become more and more like how a factory operates and how it is managed. Corporate control and management now dominate our thinking and our learning. The very term, “educate” (1580–90; < Latin ēducātus, past participle of ēducāre to bring up, nurture =ē-e– + -ducāre, durative derivative of dūcere to lead“), from which the noun, education, is derived, is not used in its original meaning in most institutions of learning, at all. (See also: Pedagogy for Profit: Education Under Capitalism)

Learning how not to think was, and continues to be, the goal of the world’s pervasive corporate mentality. Still, of supreme importance, it is the goal of the corporate world mentality, through early education, to teach all children and young adults what to think, to classify them according to grades, degrees and, basically, to teach them memorization for tests in order to obtain a grade and, eventually, a degree. If this is not mind control, what is?
The corporate world mentality, which continues to pervade, and dominate ever more, most of the world’s educational institutions in most countries of the world, is our present world, and is our present machine-like mentality. It is, mostly, part of everything and is taking control of everyone.
Observe around you how many, many people are lost in a digital world of their smart phones, tablets and PCs, and who have lost sight of what is actually going on right in front of them. Any trip to a shopping mall, or when entering an elevator, or when walking on most any city street, will provide you with ample examples of people, each lost in their own electronic world.
Does this mean that I am against technology? Far from it!
Technology has many, many positive and important applications in real life that can be utilized in education, specifically, in language learning. However, we, humans, still need the human touch and true human sensibility.
Are we being “programmed” to lose touch with the real, objective world?

“Bodily exercise,

when compulsory,

does no harm to the body;

but knowledge,

which is acquired under compulsion,

obtains no hold on the mind.”

Plato, The Republic, Book VII, 536e